We understand that not all clients require a complete assessment. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to offer a range of alternative options to meet your requirements.  Moreover, these assessments can be paired together or selected as part of a customised package to meet your particular needs. We believe that providing tailored solutions is the best way to ensure each client receives outcome they require.

Standalone Functional

Includes: Functional assessment completed on our paperwork.

Standalone Audio

Includes: Audiometry evaluation completed on our paperwork.

Standalone Spirometry

Includes: Spirometry evaluation completed on our paperwork.

Workcover Audio (WA)

Includes: Workcover audio testing completed on Workcover paperwork.

3M Earfit Testing

Includes: 3M Earfit test for either in-ear or over-ear hearing protection.

Resting ECG

Includes: Resting ECG test completed on our paperwork.

Position Assessment Form

In order for us to provide you with a quotation, or to setup one of the above assessments on your account, we require information on the role and conditions. Can you please complete our Position Assessment Form.

GM General PAF Form

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