What Is Quescreen?

Quescreen is an online, intelligent health risk screening tool for the workplace environment. Assessing an individual’s personal health and medical information against the physical, environmental and other health risks of a job role, Quescreen identifies potential health risks or concerns. With a comprehensive report including potential risks displayed on an interactive human body image, and an overall recommendation, Quescreen provides a premise to better understand the health and wellbeing of employees and reduce the risk of physical and psychological injury.

Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Quescreen offers over 1000 comprehensively risk profiled job roles, and a secure, cost-effective platform to screen the health risks of job candidates and your existing workforce.


Why Use Quescreen?

Mental Health

Quescreen includes the Brief Resilience Scale and the Perceived Stress Scale which measure emotions and feelings against unpredictable events. Results from this scale will:


FIFO Workers

Working patterns of FIFO workers has been shown to disrupt sleep, lead to depression, poor mental health and reduce connection with community and place of belonging. A recent report produced by the WA Mental Health Commission in 2018, found psychological distress (including feelings of anxiety and depression) were significantly higher amongst surveyed FIFO workers than the benchmark group.

Utilised as a recruitment screening tool and an annual workforce health check, Quescreen can assist in building a workforce fit for duty, reviewing the specific physical and psychological demands of FIFO workers.

The flexibility of an online tool is a great fit of the FIFO industry, allowing staff to complete their assessment when and where they like, breaking out of traditional clinic business hours.


Quescreen Benefits

Physical and mental health screening for workers can bring several significant benefits to both the employee and the employer:

Early Detection & Intervention

Health screening helps in early detection of potential injury and mental health issues or distress. Early intervention is crucial for preventing the escalation of strains/injuries and mental health problems and facilitating timely treatment and support.

Safe Working Environment:

A physically and mentally healthy workforce contributes to a safer working environment. Employees who are mentally well are more likely to be attentive, focused, and able to make sound decisions, reducing the risk of accidents or errors.


Improved Mental Health Awareness:

Screening increases awareness among workers about mental health and the importance of addressing mental health concerns. It helps normalise discussions about mental wellbeing and reduces stigma associated with mental health issues.

Customised Support and Resources:

Through screening, individualised support and resources can be provided based on the specific health needs identified. This can include access to counselling, stress management programs, mental health education, and coping strategies.

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing and Productivity:

Identifying and addressing health concerns, including key health indicators such as diet and nutrition, fitness level, BMI, psychosocial hazards, smoking and alcohol consumption, can lead to improved overall employee wellbeing. Happier, healthier employees are likely to be more productive, engaged, and less likely to take sick leave due to health and mental health issues, reducing absenteeism and employee turnover.

Enhanced Employee Morale:

Implementing health screening demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing, which can boost morale and job satisfaction. When employees feel supported and cared for, it can positively impact their overall work experience.


Data for Policy and Program Development:

Aggregate data from mental health screenings can inform the development of targeted mental health policies and programs tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by workers. This can improve the effectiveness of mental health initiatives within the organisation.

Societal Impact:

By prioritising mental health within your workforce, companies set an example for the broader community, encouraging other industries to follow suit and prioritise mental health as an integral part of employee wellbeing.

Sample Reports

Quescreen Clerk

General Clerk Demo Report – Suitable

GM Quescreen Rigger

Scaffolder Demo Report – Not Suitable