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Drug & Alcohol Screening


Garli Medical & Workforce Health Assessors employ a large number of trained and qualified screening officers to minimise delays and ensure employees are never waiting around to be tested. We utilise the best NATA accredited laboratories to guarantee the fastest available turnaround times.

We offer breath alcohol screening using police-grade breathalysers to Australian standards AS3547. We use the Drugsense OraScan instant screening machines for oral fluid instant machine reading. Each of our urine and oral screening devices complies with Australian standards.

It is imperative to acknowledge that substance abuse in the work environment can bring about unforeseeable risks that could be detrimental to both the employees and the organisation. Therefore, it’s crucial for employers to invest in an effective drug and alcohol screening program that ensures workplace safety and upholds the long-term health of their business.



A safe and healthy workforce is to the benefit of both employers and employees. Drug and alcohol screening ensures your employees are fit to work and maintains the safety of everyone in your workplace.



Our drug and alcohol screening services cover pre-employment, random, for cause, and critical incident screening. Depending on your requirements, we use instant screening, instant machine screening, and laboratory screening.

We offer the following drug and alcohol screening services tailored to specific requirements:

Drug & Alcohol Screening

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